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Hello November!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

How fast time has gone! This month we welcomed Teacher Nani to join our program. We have a few holidays this month, please check the calendar for the dates. We did have a pending Staff Development day, but this is moved to after the holiday season. Staff development days allow teacher collaboration to work and prep on curriculum and ensure all things on admin and HR side are taken care of for licensing requirements. One of the amazing things about our curriculum is that, as children grow, we grow with them and create challenging and unique activities to peak their interests. This month we will continue doing fall themes. Some of the activities you will see:

-Apple Taste Test

-Apple Pie Cooking

-Cranberries, Orange, and Rosemary Sensory

- Acorn Painting

- Popcorn & Milk Science

This month, we will be saying goodbye to Baby Jones. Baby Jones has been a great addition to our group, and the kids have learned so much with him, from learning how to play & talk with him, being gentle, and most importantly not putting leaves in his mouth ;-). In this bittersweet moment, we will be welcoming Baby Aiden, Annabelle's brother!

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