Hello October!

Updated: Oct 5

This month, we will be doing fall and harvest themed activities with the kids. On Oct. 29th we are going to be doing our first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We will be walking to the corner of Fremont & Mission. Kids will be transported in the wagons, and as of right now it may be fun for the families to meet us there to surprise the kids. Parents of infants can meet at the school and use strollers to walk over with the toddlers. This day will be a minimum day and children will be fed lunch before departing to the pumpkin patch. Families are able to leave from the pumpkin patch at their own time, but it would be great to get a group photo! Before leaving, please make sure you check out with me so I can check out each family on Brightwheel.

Some themed activities we will do this month are:

  • Pumpkin washing

  • Pumpkin painting

  • Making pumpkin playdoh

  • Dissecting pumpkins & counting seeds

  • Orange spaghetti sensory

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