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Our program believes in the power of children, parents and teachers as a community learning and growing together.

 Children are provided with a unique and safe educational experience, with building blocks to become confident, self-trusting, independent leaders.

As a premier, modern day childcare facility, our program challenges students to be successful by nurturing their IQ, EQ, SQ, CQ, and AQ development. 


Our toddlers are given time to work on social skills, group play, independent skills, and are placed in rich learning environments to help develop their building blocks and create trusting relationships with teachers.


Teachers focus on the whole-child and create opportunities of growth by understanding student needs. Students are provided with time, personal tools, and resources, preparing them for a successful classroom journey.


Our TK classroom runs with our preschool program. Additional preparation and small group instruction is given to students to ensure they have the acquired skills as they prepare to enter Kindergarten.

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