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All prospective families are given the opportunity to join our programs waitlist. Waitlist occur when any or all sites are at capacity. In the event there is an immediate opening, an ENROLL NOW tab will be made available. Once families join the waitlist, they will be added to the school site of their interest. 

Our waitlist is a wonderful way to get to know our families in the local community, and understand your child a little bit better. We encourage families to provide responses that will help paint the picture of your family. 

At this time, due to high demand, tours are only provided when an opening becomes available based on the waitlist order and other determining factors. We tour on an as-needed basis, but families are more than welcome to check back in periodically to check their enrollment status. 

Once we reach out to a family for touring, a tour with a brochure will be provided. Families will then be given the date of enrollment that is available. We generally like to provide our families with as much advance notice as possible to help with the new transition. 

As a growing program, in the event any new site locations are opened, our waitlist families will have priority in securing a seat prior to the general public. The best way to stay up to date on our program is to check back on the website and follow us on social media. 

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