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Frequently Asked Questions

Are both part-time and full-time care available?

Our program currently offers only FT care from the hours of 7:30am-5:30pm. Within these hours, children placed in our preschool program have daycare hours during morning and later afternoon. Please see our schedule per class. 

Are you accepting infants?

Children can join our program starting at 18 months. Families are encouraged to join our waitlist to have more flexibility in receiving a seat on their anticipated date. 

What are the child to staff ratios?

  Our program prides proviiding small group instruction to all of or students. Children in our Toddlers Program have a 1:6 or 1:4 ratio and students in our preschool class have a 1:8 ratio. All staff have an educational background with years of experience working with children. Staff will follow state vaccine and vaccination protocols, CPR-certified, mandated reporter training and go through a background clearance.

Are parents allowed to stay inside?

Families at the moment are unable to attend the class outside of morning drop-offs and pick-ups. We communicate with parents via an app, where you can see pictures, and other scheduled information. New families will receive a "What to Expect on the First Day" to review the first week and transition period to take place. Our program holds events periodically throughout the year, where parents receive advance notice to attend. 

Are meals provided for the children?

Our school sources third party companies that offer meals. These are optional and additional costs apply. If a child  is not on a lunch program, home lunch is needed. Children are to bring in a cold lunch, or they may prepare warm food items in thermos containers. No glass is allowed. 

How do you keep in touch with or get in contact with the parents during the day?

We will be using the Brightwheel app which is available for download in the app store. This app is a wonderful tool for you to get picture updates, message the teacher and check your child in and out of daycare. 

My child doesn't nap, so what will they do during nap time?

Some children no longer nap, but it is required with the State of California, that children are given this rest period. Many children end up napping because of all the new stimulation taking place. If your child does not happen to nap during this time, we will notify you in the app. 

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