Frequently Asked Questions

Are both part-time and full-time care available?

Right now, due to our grand opening, we are giving priority to full-time care, but if we receive an adequate amount of applicants for part-time, it is something we will consider. 

Are you accepting infants?

Yes. Infant classes will be added for enrollment. We will be accepting infants ages 6 weeks and up. 

How many students & teachers will be a part the program?

Our school will have up to 12 students in the classroom.  There will be 2 teachers to supervise the students daily. Ratios can be anywhere from 1:4 -1:8 dependent on age, all which meet the state guidelines.  All staff have an educational background with years of experience working with children. Staff will follow state vaccine and vaccination protocols, CPR-certified, mandated reporter training and go through a background clearance.

Do you have an open-door policy?

Due to COVID-19 protocols, families at the moment are unable to attend the class outside of morning drop-offs and pick-ups. We communicate with parents via an app, where you can see pictures, and other scheduled information. 

Are meals provided for the children?

For children 12 months and up, we offer a meal program at an additional cost, which is added to the tuition per month. 

How do you keep in touch with or get in contact with the parents during the day?

We will be using the Brightwheel app which is available for download in the app store. This app is a wonderful tool for you to get picture updates, message the teacher and check your child in and out of daycare. 

My child doesn't nap, so what will they do during nap time?

Some children no longer nap, but it is required with the State of California, that children are given this rest period. Many children end up napping because of all the new stimulation taking place. If your child does not happen to nap during this time, quiet time activities of appropriate age and level will be left aside for them to use, along with library books. This will be their independent quiet time.

How will health & safety after COVID-19 be implemented?

Health and safety is our number one priority. As a newly opening facility, we will be following guidelines put out by the CDC , keeping our enrollment and teacher/student ratios low, along with washing hands, sanitizing, distancing children appropriately and  having the facility cleaned. Staff wears gloves when serving food and masks throughout the day. Please see the bottom of the page for additional protocols. 


Our number one priority is the health and safety of our students and staff. This includes: 

-Temperature checks upon drop-off

-Hand washing before meals and after outdoor play

-Sanitizing hands throughout the day

-Children 2 & older wearing masks indoors (aside from eating & napping)

-Children in different areas of play to help apply social distancing 

-Revolutionary 5-filter air purifier 

-Per CA State guidelines: staff is COVID-19 vaccinated or tested weekly

- Parents are masked at pick-up & drop offs which are only done at the entrance of the door

- Staggered sleeping arrangements on nap mats 

- Toys disinfected and cleaned daily 

 - If a child is showing any illness symptoms, they will be separated from other children and immediate pick up will be needed. 


Per CDC & LA County Health Dept: 


1. If a child is not tested, they will need to isolate for a 14 day period. 

2. If a child tests positive, they isolate & wait 5 days and may test again with a PCR test and return on day 7 if negative.

3. If a child or staff tests positive, 10 day isolation period is required and can return when no symptoms are present.