As a mother and published author to a Mensan 2 year old & with 10+ years in the childcare field, Sue Athwal holds a valid Multiple Subject Teaching Credential cleared through UCLA, with a degree in Liberal Arts and Psychology, and a Childcare Program Director's Permit . As the Founder of The Modern Schoolhouse, and Co-founder of The Modern Mom & Baby, she had the opportunity to work with organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation and Big Brothers & Sisters Club, while playing in the NCAA. During her teaching career, she worked in both public and private school districts, including Pasadena, Alhambra, Compton & South Central. She also served as an NCS (newborn care specialist) and high-profile nanny to many notable families in Los Angeles for over 8 years. With innovative teaching practices and self-created curriculum, Ms. Athwal is well-known for promoting early education, and helps children reach their full learning potential. She has also privately worked with students in their toddler years, who have then qualified for Johns Hopkins Center of Talented Youth & Mensa by the age of 5, including her own daughter who was American Mensa's youngest child to join with an IQ over 145 at 2 years old. With the wealth of knowledge and demand of high-quality childcare in need, Sue became inspired to open her own location, and give back to the community.