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At The Modern Schoolhouse, we believe each child is capable and rich in potential. This is why we focus on the child as a whole, helping each one to grow academically, socially, and ethically, all within a framework of a loving and friendly environment. Early education is an opportunity to nurture a child's curiosity, develop problem-solving skills, and make meaningful connections. What makes our program unique is we allow children to learn by constructing new knowledge through inquiry, experience, exploration and play. We understand they need to move, ask questions, solve problems, articulate their thoughts, learn from mistakes, celebrate accomplishments and make a difference in the world where they can. Appreciating diversity and collaboration, our staff and families work together to create a high-quality educational experience for our students to thrive academically and in life. 

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foster & challenge

existing & new learning




fine & gross motor skills


activating 5 senses


love & support


why we think what we think


mind & body awarenes

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